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Chemicals & Cleaners

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Texbrite has all of your auto body chemical needs, from soaps, sealants, and conditioners, to tire dressing, polish and wax.


Detailing Supplies

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The right detailing products make all the difference. In our shop, you will find applicators, brushes, and more to get the job done right.


Detailing Equipment

Presentation is everything, and that’s why we use the best equipment from pressure washers to polishers, vacuum cleaners and more.


TEXBRITE has been the lead automotive products supplier in Houston for the past 50 years because of our massive inventory and speedy service. We carry everything from car wash supplies to detailing equipment that is backed by seasoned professionals.

We carry thousands of car wash supplies at an affordable cost that can help keep your business on the right track. Car washing is more than just a bucket of soap and water. It involves much more than that. Car washing professionals know the best ways to clean a car and help keep it clean.

Car washing has three main steps that can be adjusted to best suit the vehicle. The vehicle will encounter:

  1. Washing the body’s paint
  2. Washing the wheels and rims
  3. Rinsing and drying

Body Paint Washing Products

Washing the car’s paint can be a delicate process. The car must be rinsed thoroughly before soap and sponges are introduced. This will avoid the leftover dirt and debris from leaving scratches into the vehicle. We carry state of the art pressure washers and hoses to help get this job done quickly and efficiently.

Wheel and Rim Washing Products

Wheels and rims require a different kind of cleaning material than used on the body. Because wheels are usually the dirtiest part of the vehicle, they require something a little stronger than a sponge. We carry a large inventory of different bristle brushes to best clean your car’s wheels and rims. Our brushes come in different sizes to help tackle any sized rims with ease.

Rinsing and Drying Products

The most important part of a good car wash is the rinse. The rinse will remove all of the chemicals and soap on the surface so it does not add buildup on your exterior. Drying the vehicle is often overlooked in the car washing process. If cars are not properly dried, streaks and watermarks will be left of the car’s surface and customers will be left with a lackluster appearance. We carry a variety of microfiber towels to get the job done the right way. These towels are made of ultra fine yarn that is made to pick up every ounce of water without leaving streaks or smears.

Check out our store online to see what car washing supplies you need for your business. At TEXBRITE, we have a team of automotive professionals that have been in the industry for over 50 years. They are here to help answer any questions or give recommendations on the best products for you.

We’ve earned our reputation as the premier provider of auto detailing and dealer supplies in Houston with fast delivery and service. Visit our online shop to see how TEXBRITE can help your auto industry business reach its full potential.


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