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Chemicals & Cleaners

GENEVA - MARCH 8: The colorful Honda Jazz Hybrid on display at the 81st International Motor Show Palexpo-Geneva on March 8, 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Texbrite has all of your auto body chemical needs, from soaps, sealants, and conditioners, to tire dressing, polish and wax.


Detailing Supplies

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The right detailing products make all the difference. In our shop, you will find applicators, brushes, and more to get the job done right.


Detailing Equipment

Presentation is everything, and that’s why we use the best equipment from pressure washers to polishers, vacuum cleaners and more.


TEXBRITE has been the lead automotive products supplier in Houston for the past 50 years because of our massive inventory and speedy service. We carry everything from car wash supplies to detailing equipment that is backed by seasoned professionals. We are proud to serve businesses in Humble.

The small Texas neighborhood, Humble, is home to 15,133 residents. The city spans over 9.9 square miles of land and water.

In its early formation, the city was best known for the vast timber covering the region. A large sawmill was constructed to transport the lumber to surrounding towns in the area. The early residents of the city noticed the large accumulation of oil in its land. As more and more oil discoveries became uncovered, the Humble Oil and Refining Company was formed to better manage the oil’s extraction and distribution.

The city did not begin to see major spikes in population until the Humble Intercontinental Airport was constructed in 1969. Many residents began to flood the area after its opening. The city adapted by creating many new housing developments, shopping malls, schools, civic center and a state of the art hospital.

A branch of the Harris County Public Library, Octavia Fields Library, is the city’s first and only library that was first opened in 1921. The library’s small space could not house the amount of books in their possession, so they were stored in a local high school. The books were moved into many places over the course many years. They moved into a church in 1926, and a courthouse in 1928. Finally, in 1960 a man named Tom Shelton donated a house for the books’ final resting place. The house was remodeled and reopened 10 years later. The library is currently remodeled to have 15,000 square feet of space for books, computers and many more items for the citizens of Humble to enjoy.

We’ve earned our reputation as the premier provider of auto detailing and dealer supplies in Houston with fast delivery and service. Visit our online shop to see how TEXBRITE can help your auto industry business reach its full potential.


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